Kung Fu Tai Chi 2002 Jan/Feb Issue

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Features: Cover Story-Transformation of a Monk-Shaolin Star Zhang Li Peng (aka Shi Xing Peng) Comes to Brooklyn. Venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin. The Elders - Shaolin's Senior Grandmaster Venerable Shi Suxi. The State of Shaolin Temple. (The Wild, Wacky World of) The 7th Shaolin Temple International Festival. The Guardian at the Temple Gate. Thoughts on Zen and Kungfu. Shi Yan Ming Takes on Disciples. The Big and The Small-Self-Defense Techniques of Shaolin Red Fist.Can Traditional Shaolin and Modern Wushu Exist Together? Shaolin's Monkey King. Shaolin Pek Kwar. The Crutches of War. Hip Hop and the Dharma-Shi Guolin's Disciple Jamel Brown Brings it All Together. Shaolin Ulysses: Kungfu Monks in America. High-Flying Soldier Monks Amaze in Shaolin: Wheel of Life. Xiao Luohan Part IV. Shaolin Chan Mi Broadsword. Shaolin - Taiji Spirit - 5th U.S. Open International Martial Arts Championship a Success. 2001 U.S. Open Kuoshu/Martial Arts Championships a SF Success. Kungfu Horoscope.

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