Kung Fu Tai Chi 2002 Nov/Dec Issue

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For other issues of Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine click here Cover Story Muslim Master of the Old Empire - An Interview with China's Highest Level Grandmaster Ma Xianda By Gigi Oh with Gene Ching Features Army of the Nether World - Xian's Terracotta Warriors By Martha Burr Xian - he Land of Kings and Emperors By Martha Burr South Africa - Positive Change Through Jeet Kune Do By Morne Swanepoel Shuai Chiao's Iron Body Postures of Power By Robert Dreeban Hung Gar's Essence - The Great Legacy from Shaolin through Lam Sai Wing Continues By Donald Hamby with The Long History of Tsai Li Fo San Soo - Buddhism and the Martial Arts By James R. Benckert A Modern Approach - even Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu in the 21st Century By Christopher Pollon Wing Chun's Beloved Hero - Ip Man; The Famous Wing Chun vs. Praying Mantis Foshan Fight Revisted By Ron Heimberger Shaw Brothers Kungfu Film Classics Make A Rejoicing Comeback in $84 Million Deal, Film Library of 760 Films to be Restored, Re-released By Dr. Craig D. Reid Qigong: The State Of The Art By Wayne Carisi The Healing World Of Chi Gong - Part II True Stories of Torn Knees, Acupuncture Power Points and Controlling Cystic Fibrosis By Dr. Craig D. Reid China's First Weapon - The Bronze Dagger Axe By Gene Ching Whirling Steel and Snapping Rawhide: The Exotic Weapons of Pa Kua Chang By Frank Allen Taiji Dao Part II By Dr. Harold Lee The Chin Woo Connection The 7th World Chin Woo Championships & Jimmy Wong's Taiji Legacy 2002 By Gene Ching Kungfu Horoscope By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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