Yin Yang Taiji 13 Postures

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DVD-LH012 Yin-Yang Taiji Thirteen Postures demonstrated by Grandmaster Liang Shou-Yu and Master Helen Liang All of the taijiquan skills originate from variations and combinations of the Taiji Thirteen Postures. This is the essence of taijiquan, the key that unlocks the secret of all taijiquan. These thirteen basic skills are the foundation of all taijiquan skills. In Taiji Yin-Yang Thirteen Postures, every movement is done on both left and right side for balance. Each movement has its yin and yang, soft and hard counterparts. The movements embody both explicit and hidden power as well as soft and explosive power. The martial application for each side of the movement has its own uniqueness. To make it more diverse, this routine has also included some of the typical movements from Yang, Chen, Sun and Wu Style Taijiquan.

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