WMA Magazine - 1996 MAY/JUNE Issue

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For other issues of World Martial Arts magazine click here Cover Story Spirit of the Samurai by David Bannon Ph.D. Features Learning to Exhale: Breathing for a Better Life and performance in the Martial Arts by Barbra Stahura Are you ready? You should be: Most attackers are downright predictable! by George Alexander Throwing Knives: Getting to the Point – From a safe Distance by Amante “Mat” P. Marinas Sr. American Combatives: The Western Martial Art of World War II by Thomas Nardi Tae Kwon Do’s Healing Power by Len Losik Sinawalli: The Pattern of No Pattern by Mike Soohey Korea’s Most Obscure Weapon by William J. Laird III The Inner Energy of Vadha: Art of the Himalayas by Michael H. Wyka The Science of the Street Fight by Andrew White World of Martial Arts News Tiger’s Tale

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