WMA Magazine - 1996 MAR/APR Issue

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Note: This $1 bin items is limited to a quantity of 10 pieces per customer per order. For other issues of World Martial Arts magazine click here Cover Story Korea’s Secret Sword by Yeong Wook Kang Shotokan Master / Tai Chi Student by Mike Clarke The Head. The Elbow, and the Knee by Richard Kim, Ph.D. Keep the Pressure On by Paul Thaler Kpawara: The Afro-Brazilian martial art that features everything from zebra strikes to kicks with a sharp surprise! by Thomas Nardi, Ph.D. What made Chojum Miyagi Great? Japan Karate Federation Goju-Kai Leader Speaks Out by Eric Raymond Cross Training by Ernie Boggs Devil Horde Mongolian Warriors’ Martial Arts, Weapons and Tactics by David Bannon, Ph.D. Aikido and Tae Kwon Do: A Union of Opposites by Art Stalbow Survival Sensei by Preston Bridging the Gap by Shiro Shintaku World of Martial Art News Tiger’s Tale

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