Wing Chun Series – Trapping Hands

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This is the first in a new series of Wing Chun Application by the Ving Tsun Museum. This new series moves away from the more formal and technical, systematic training of Wing Chun and into new territory, unlocking the effective fighting skills of this great martial art system. In the martial arts, superior skill involves economy of motion, not just crashing yourself into obstacles. Obstacles can aid you in gaining momentum or building pressure to move past the limitations to achieve the successes. When you successfully trap an opponent, it is because your opponent presented the keys to his own self-destruction. Once trapped you can control your opponent - allowing you to limit the damage done to either of you. At the highest levels, the study of the martial arts is the study of efficiency. This study begins with the skill of Trapping, specifically with understanding Forward Energy, Pak Sau, Lap Sau and Kau Sau 60 Min

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