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Tiger Claw Foundation Gift Pack (5 DVDS)

The Tiger Claw Foundation enables Tiger Claw to go beyond responding to multiple requests for contributions, and proactively provides extensive community support to creative endeavors in the arts. Through the sales of this DVD gift pack, your purchase will go to furthering the Foundation’s efforts. To see more information, please visit www.TigerClawFoundation.org. Some of the proceeds will go directly to assisting specific projects, such as the Martial Arts Benefit for Quake Victims. The DVD showcases the benefit event, which has already assisted us in raising over $70,000.

The following 5 DVDs are Tiger Claw sponsored event and masters’ exhibitions.

Buy all 5 DVDs and SAVE 60%.

1 Shaolin Kungfu 2000 Exhibition (DVD-CA103)

2. 10th Anniversary Feature Masters Demo (DVD-CA107)

3. 10th Anniversary Cover Masters Demo (DVD-CA108)

4. The First World Traditional Wushu Festival (DVD-GC001)

5. Earth Quake Benefit (DVD-CA112)

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