The Way of the Nunchaku

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The Way of the Nunchaku is a guide to an individualistic approach in learning an ancient form of the martial arts weapon, the Nunchaku. The book gives you a detailed history of the origin of the weapon - as the repressed people of Okinawa were forced to develop an alternate weapon of defense against the tyranny of the king. The Way of the Nunchaku is compiled for the first time into a systematic approach for the novice to practice the basic methods of the Nunchaku gripping techniques, exercise and stances that are photographically depicted in a precise manner for ease of understanding. The Way of the Nunchaku teaches the different type of blocking, striking, swinging and spinning techniques. In the chapter "Distraction Techniques", "Chuck three steps", and "Chuck combination Striking" the reader follows along through a rich color photographic journal and easy to follow instructions on the advanced steps of the Nunchaku. It also includes the Nunchaku self defense technique against different weaponry arts. Authors: Shuny Bee 144pgs

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