Taiyi Fire Dragon Palm

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Grandmaster Lu Zijian: Taiyi Fire Dragon Fist taiyi huolong quan Taiyi Fire Dragon Fist comes from the art of Bagua. Like Tai Chi, Bagua is an internal practice that emphasizes soft, circular movements. Created by Grandmaster Dong Haichuan during the Qing Dynasty, Bagua is based upon the Book of Changes. Taiyi Fire Dragon Fist is not only a system of self defense. It is also considered as a longevity practice that cultivates balance and harmony within the practitioner. Grandmaster Lu Zijian was born in 1893 in the Chinese district of Chongqing in Sichuan Province. He is one of the few recipients of ninth duan, the highest level of martial arts mastery bestowed in China today. He is known as the ‘Great Knight of the Yellow River’. Upon the release of this video in America, Grandmaster Lu is still alive and well at 114. He attributes his longevity to the practice of Taiyi Fire Dragon Fist. The Legendary Grandmasters of China series showcases many of the leading elder grandmasters of China. The footage was collected from 1983 to 1986 during China’s National Martial Arts Survey. When the department in charge of this survey was shut down by the government, much of the data was lost. Fortunately, some footage was recovered and has been re-mastered to include new lesson material. Each form demonstrated by the Grandmasters is broken down for instructional purposes by leading contemporary practitioners of these styles. TC Media is proud to present these historic videos in order to preserve the legacy of these extraordinary Grandmasters.

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