Taijiquan, Classical Yang Style

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This DVD is a living document designed to preserve a cultural tradition from the original Yang Style lineage. Practice of this living and vital form will develop a healthy and relaxed body, a clear mind, and a strong sense of martial intent. This Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) program offers enough content to build a solid foundation for a lifetime of practice. This bestselling DVD pushes the boundaries of what the DVD format is capable of, and offers multiple audio streams, many subtitle languages, and 4 hours of video content. Comprehensive program includes: Fundamental Stances, A Breakdown of the Thirteen Postures, Taiji Qigong Primary Set, Moving Qigong, The Complete Yang Style Taijiquan Form. Instructions on Breathing, Taijiquan Theory Lecture by Dr. Yang, Introduction to Taiji Qigong, Introduction to Fa Jin (Emitting Power), and Detailed Instruction and Analysis of Each Movement in the Form.

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