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Item Product Description Color/Product Size More Info Head Guard Multi coating process and air release vented ear protection. Not recommended for contact sparring. White/99-450 Ch , S , M , L , XL To purchase just the Head Guard click here Competition Chest Guard A reversible chest guard for the 21st century! Every fighter knows how vulnerable the collar bone is. Masters even refer to the cavity behind the collar bone as the ‘forbidden triangle.?A strike to this sensitive area can render the arm useless or even cause unconsciousness. Tiger Claw’s Competition Chest Guard innovative wide collar and elastic back design provides padding over the “forbidden triangle?and collar bone, without detracting from comfort and freedom of movement. Each chest guard comes in the traditional red and blue reversible colors with white trim. - CHS , CHL , S , M , L , XL To purchase just the Chest Guard click here Cloth Shin - Instep Guard Our Sparmaster series is the best sparring gear you will ever own. Engineered for maximum durability and specifically designed for safety. The Sparmaster Shin Guard has thick center padding, two large velcro enclosures and multi-coating process. - ChS , ChL , S , M , L To purchase just the Shin Guard click here Forearm Guard Our Cloth Forearm Guard is made with elastic and approximately 1/2" thick foam and covered with soft fabric. Foam pads from wrist to elbow. - ChS , ChL , S , M , L To purchase just the Forearm Guard click here Mouth Guard Durable shock-absorbing design. - Adult(14-210A) , Child(14-210CH) To purchase just the Mouth Guard click here Mouth Guard Case Mouthguard case for single or double mouth guard. One size only. Available in color Black, Red, and Yellow. Black(14-300K) - To purchase just the Mouth Guard Case click here Gear Bag This durable nylon gear bag has an innovative shoulder strap that detaches into a handy fanny pack. Designed specifically with tournament competitors in mind. Now you can keep your important items like your wallet or hotel key with you at all times without having to lug around all your gear. Very convenient! Comes with a double-zipper main compartment plus and extra zipper side pocket. 28"(L) x 12"(W) x 14"(H) For more Gear Bags please click here - To purchase just the Tae Kwon Do (TKD) Gear Bag w/Fanny Pack Strap click here More saving choices with Training Packs click here.

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