Steeple Obstacle Course Easy Pack

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Create Challenging, Fun Movement Activities!

  • Custom-design obstacle courses.
  • Adjust for ability, the goal is agility!
  • Sturdy, non-slip, for indoors or out.
  • Heavy enough to withstand breezes.

Create challenging and fun-filled movement activities with a set that lets you custom-design obstacle courses to match your group's ability level. Kids will build agility and coordination as they hop over poles, crawl through hoops and more. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use -- sturdy cones and hoop holders won't slip on gym floors, and they're heavy enough to withstand outdoor breezes.

Flat-sided hoops slide easily into the slot-fit cones and holders; tough plastic clips keep poles level. Your options are endless! Bright primary colors add to the fun. The components can also be used to make ball targets, basketball type hoops, plus play beanbag and ring toss style games.

Includes 8 cones (4 - 18" and 4 - 12"), 4 - 14"L hoop holders,12 hoops (4 - 15.5", 4 - 19" and 4 - 26.75") , 8 hurdle bars (4-15.5" and 4-27" bars), 8 yellow clips and 8 blue clips.

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