Sanshou - Fundamentals & Rules

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Volume 1:Fundamentals & Rules of Sanshou 4-time National Full Contact Sanshou Champion Cung Le begins with an invigorating warm up then goes on to demonstrate and offer his winning tips for the basic jabs, cross punch, hook punch, upper cut, kicks. Also covered in the video are the proper type and use of training equipment and the basic rules of Sanshou. Volume 2:Winning Combinations of Sanshou This DVD covers powerful boxing and kicking combinations along with tips for better punching and kicking. In addition, Le demonstrates ways to counterattack an opponent's jab cross- uppercut- roundhouse kick- and other offensive moves. Volume 3:Effective Takedown of Sanshou This DVD Includes slow and fast motion demonstrations of a variety of throws and takedowns for each type of kick, leg uproots, as well as sweeps and leg catches that are the key to creating your own winning strategy.

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