O-Mei Kung Fu Series

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O-Mei Kung Fu Series The O-Mei Kung Fu comes from the mystic mountain of O-Mei in Sichuan, China. Known for its inspiring and unearthly beauty, O-Mei Mountain has a rich martial arts legacy. O-Mei Kung Fu combines both hard and soft styles so each volume in this series shows forms from each method. Each volume contains four to five complete forms! This series takes you all the way up to black belt level! Volume 1: Hard Style: 1. Basic form (no belt) 2. Five Motion form (white belt) 3. Southern Fist Tiger form (yellow belt) Soft Style: 4. Simplified 8 Movements Tai Chi Volume 2: Hard Style: 1. O-Mei Fist (yellow black belt) 2. O-Mei Fighting form (green belt) 3. O-Mei Basic Sword (green black belt) 4. O-Mei Basic Staff (purple belt) Soft Style: 5. Xingyi 5 Elements Volume 3: Hard Style: 1. Staff Fighting form (purple black belt) 2. O-Mei Long Fist One (blue belt) 3. O-Mei Long Fist Two (blue black belt) Soft Style: 4. Xingyi 12 Animals Volume 4: Hard Style: 1. Five Animals (brown belt) 2. Southern Fist White Crane Tiger form (brown black belt) 3. Grappling form (brown black two belt) Soft Style: 4. Bagua

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