Music CD - 8 Section Brocade (Baduanjin)

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8 Section Brocade (Baduanjin) Music CD Bone Marrow Washing is the self-cultivation practice attributed to the founder of Kung Fu and Zen, Bodhidharma. According to legend, Bodhidharma taught this method to fortify meditating monks at Shaolin Temple. This music has been composed specifically to accompany your practice of this qigong form. Track 1 guides you through the form in Mandarin. Track 2 is just the music so you can practice along at your own pace. The Chinese Health Qigong Association (CHQA) is China's official qigong association since 2001. CHQA promotes four classic qigong forms: Muscle-Tendon Change Classic (yijinjing), Eight-Section Brocade (baduanjin), Five Animal Frolics (wuqinxi) and Six Healing Sounds (liuzijue). These methods have been standardized from extensive research.

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