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50% OFF - You just won't believe all the creative and cool training techniques for all martial arts on this one tape, Saekson Janijira is a magician. This DVD has more on blocking plus tons of drills that can be used in any martial art. You will learn the right way to use traditional pads as well as innovative and new pad drills that he has created himself. He also shows how and why to use paper for kicking and punching. This tape is an absolute must for trainers and fighters as well as those who want to learn how they really train in Bangkok in those Muay Thai camps we have all heard about. Saekson Janijira is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet outside of the ring but inside the ring its a totally different story. Over 200 fights and he lost only 4, this tape shows you why he has become a legend in Bangkok and in America. He is quite simply 100% A Master of Muay Thai.

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