Kung Fu Tai Chi May + June 2017

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Cover Story When is a Martial Art an Art? Complex Aesthetics and Traditional Kung Fu By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh On the Set of Into the Badlands By Gene Ching Malia Bernal: Once a Fighter By Lori Ann White Chen Style Weapons A Tangible Link to 17th Century Martial Ways By Emilio Alpanseque Yang Style Weapons Promoting Authenthic Taijiquan By Emilio Alpanseque Yang Primary 37 Taijiquan By Jie Gu, Wanbin Wang, and Guizhong Xi Fut Sao: Buddha Hand Wing Chun By Wayne Carisi The Bridge from Form to Function Choy Lay Fut Chop Choi Sparring By Chris Childs Traditional Applications and Their Modern-Day Value By Chris Friedman Featured Weapon Iron Whip Tournment - Events - News Clawmarks By Jonny Oh 2016 World Hung Kuen International Tournament By Donald Hamby and Theodore Henderson Tai Chi, Baseball and Travelling New Ways to Promote Tai Chi By Cat Hii

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