Kung Fu Tai Chi July + August 2017

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Cover Story Cultivating the Dao Through Martial Arts A Look at Wudang Wushu Revival By Emilio Alpanseque The Way of Non-Force By Lucy Gardner Collapse and Fall into Ruin By Randy Brown The Zero Inch Punch The Powerful Punching Style from Southern Shaolin By Patrick Jay Lant Fighting in Metaphors 7 Hands of the Dragon By Peter Pena Good Ole Chop By Arnaldo Ty Núñez A Stance on Footwork By Brian Kuttel 3 Quick Takedowns By Noel Plaugher The Hakka Rattan Shield By Williy Pang Featured Weapon Da Dao Tournment - Events - News Clawmarks By Jonny Oh CMAT 25 By Gene Ching Kung Fu Tai Chi and Wulin By Gene Ching Grandmaster Fu Shengyuan 1931–2017 By Emilio Alpanseque Joe Ellis 1950–2017 By Zhao Xiaohu with Jaci Ellis

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