Kung Fu Tai Chi 2016 May / June

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Cover Story The Olympic Martial Arts of Asia By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh Shaolin’s Bagua Kao Bi By Chris Friedman 18 Poles Major Schools of Northwestern Stick-Fighting By Lucas Christopoulos Three Knife Defenses to Consider By Robert McDowell The Chinese Military Saber From the Past to a New Future By Chris Bashaw, PhD The Art of Proper Alignment By Robert Santee, PhD Increase Your Martial Power with Standing Qigong By Noel Plaugher Higher Ground By Arnaldo Ty Núñez Three Essential Principles of Combat By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching Featured Weapon Seven Star Sword Tournment - Events - News Clawmarks By Jonny Oh with Zhao Xiaohu Grandmaster Cai Longyun 1928–2015 By Wang Peikun, Translated by Gigi Oh and Gene Ching Chollywood Rising: In the Monkey’s Wake

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