Kung Fu Tai Chi 2016 July / August

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Untitled Document Cover Story 34 Ray Park The Force of Wushu By Gene Ching Features 20 Wushu Weight training and You Greg Lynch Jr. 26 Sholin's Ultimate in Strength Training 90 Pounds of Solid Steel Guan Gong Da Dao Chris Friedman 46 Reflections on the Rise of Women's Sanda Emilio Alpanseque 56 A Few Self Defense Techniques that Women Should Know By Masoud Hayeri Khiavi 60 When Push Comes to Shove The 5 Styles of Taiji and their Strength in Push Hands By Gene Ching with Gigi Oh 68 Breaking into the Martial Arts By Brian Kuttel 72 8 Strikes, 8 Forbidden Strikes By Gene Ching 78 Taming the Tiger and Internal Power By Robert Santee, PhD

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