Kung Fu Tai Chi 2015 Jan/Feb

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Cover Story Creating the World of the Warrior John Fusco and Marco Polo By Lori Ann White Features Hakka Paai Da Gung Creating Kung Fu's Iron Man By Williy Pang Keeping the Body Tough through Shaolin Ying Qigong By Chris Friedmanm Triple Three-Star Forearm Conditioning By Gene Ching Fighting Through the Back Tongbeiquan By Sen Gao A Master Remembers a Master Kenny Chin shares what it was like growing up with the father of American Jow Ga Kung Fu Dean Chin By Ron Wheeler The King of Fists Shaolin’s Cannon Hammer ByGao Xiang with Lynn Hsiao Too Close for Comfort By Arnaldo Ty Nunez Double Straight Swords Not for Women Only By Rick L. Wing No More Perfect 10s in Competitive Taijiquan By Emilio Alpanseque Featured Weapon Qing Dynasty Dao Tournaments – Events - News Clawmarks By Jonny Oh Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy Celebrates 30 Years of Excellence By Luke Neher The Unveiling of the Huo Yuanjia Statue in Shanghai By George Tsimpinoudakis with Hanna Riviera Nanjing Sports Lab - Wushu’s Bold Olympic Experiment By Martha Burr Nanjing 2014 Youth Wushu Tournament By Martha Burr James Wing Woo 1922-2014 By Paula Batson 2014 Wushu Events in Connecticut By Anthony Roberts

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