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Cover Story The Kung Fu Legacy of Outlaws of the Marsh By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh Street Fight Wing Chun Using Wing Chun in Professional MMA By Antonio Graceffo Chaai Sau The Hakka Method of Developing Dynamic Power By Williy Pang Always Yield, Never Retreat By Dax Howard Shaolin Sandbagging Iron Leg Training By Gene Ching The Fan Weapon of Stealth and Beauty By Sandra Balint For Saber, Watch the Empty Hand By Scott Jensen The Farmer Hoe An Ancient Weapon for Modern Times By Emilio Alpanseque Seven Needles of Death Tai Chi’s Hidden Dim Mak By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh Featured Weapon Dragon Well Dao Tournment - Events - News Claw Marks By Jonny Oh Standardizing Tai Chi and Shuai–chiao for College By C. D. Weng Abbot Shi Yongxin Visits Harvard Again By Yon Lee The Shaolin Temple Cultural Festival By Gene Ching Lou Reed 1942—2013 By Gene Ching Kung Fu Horoscope Discuss this article online Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine January/February 2014

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