Kung Fu Tai Chi 2013 Nov/Dec

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Cover Story Explosive Power By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh My Kung Fu Journey From Novice to the UFC and Beyond... By Nick Osipczak Black Belt & Billiards One of pool's biggest names looks back on her life in Kung Fu By Sean Chaffin Indian Martial History, Philosophy, Technique and Influence By Harjit Singh Sagoo The Coolest Weapon The Kung Fu Fan By Lynne Hsiao Kuo Yu Chang's Deadly Palm Strikes By Rick L. Wing Liang Style Bagua By Bryant Fong Drill, Explode & Cross The Third, Fourth and Fifth Element of Hsing I By Lin Li Drunkard Zhang San Kung Fu By Gigi Oh, with Gene Ching I Want to Hold Your Hand! By Arnaldo Ty Nuñez Serrada Chi Sau Reborn By Druss Armstrong Featured Weapon Nine-Section Whip Chain Tournaments - Events - News Claw Marks By Jonny Oh A Half Century of Seattle Kung Fu Club By Gigi Oh with William Oh International Traditional Kung Fu Association Chinese Martial Arts Championship By Jeff Hung Taiwanese and Chinese American Athletic Tournament Shuaijiao By Emeric Chen 2013 National Championships and Team Trials By Anthony Roberts Grandmaster Liang Qiang Ya 1933-2013 By Bryant Fong Kung Fu Horoscope Discuss this article online Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine November/December 2013 Click here for Feature Articles from this issue and others published in 2013.

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