Kung Fu Tai Chi 2011 Sep/Oct

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Cover Story Escaping Buddha’s Grasp By Gene Ching with Gigi Oh Featured The First Shaolin Summit By Gene Ching Swords, Sabers, Hooks and Daggers–A look into the Bladed Weapons of Choy Lee Fut By Emilio Alpansequ Moy Yat Family Ving Tsun Kung Fu: Attention to the Little Details By Robert Dreeben Passing on the Torch Sifu Tony Chan Continues to Teach Late Master Koo Sang’s Wing Chun By John Swails Pak Mei Kung Fu’s Jik Bo Kyun The Foundation of an Entire System By Matt Martin Open and Close The Essence of Martial Power By Kenneth S. Cohen Ground Spinning for Double Chain Whips By Wang Fang Featured Weapon Twin Deer Antler Hooks Tournaments – Events - News Tiger Claw’s KungFuMagazine.com Championship III & Shark City Nationals By Gene Ching 13th Annual Gathering of the Masters at the World Qigong TCM Conference By Jill Morgyn Berkeley’s CMAT Turns 19: Attack of the Wushu Zombies By Gene Ching Author Antonio Graceffo Becomes First Foreign Pahlawan By David Calleja Professor Wally Jay: June 15, 1917 – May 29, 2011 By Zhao Xiaohu Tai Chi Gala Renews Passion for Internal Martial Arts By Violet Li

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