Kung Fu Tai Chi 2011 Nov/Dec

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Cover Story The Chinese Samurai Sword By Gene Ching with Gigi Oh Features Wing Chun Standup Principles for MMA By Phillip Redmond The Nine Star Blocking Hands of Choy Li Fut By Brian Kuttel Hard Conditioning of Hop Gar Kung Fu By Chris Heintzman The Kicking Methods of Mok Ga Kung Fu By Peter Pena Hung Chuan’s Tiger Claw Clinch By Chris Friedman Hung Gar’s Greatest Treasure: Iron Wire By Donald Hamby Seeking Old School Kung Fu in China’s Villages By Wim Seeuws and Christophe Tiffreau Oral Secret of Peng By Javier Rodriguez Is Modern Wushu Taiji Real Taiji? By Emilio Alpanseque and Brandon Sugiyama Featured Weapon Golden Twin War Hammers Tournaments – Events - News Wushu Summer Nights: A Report on the 2011 Taolu National Team Trials By Anthony Roberts Robert W. Smith - December 27, 1926 – July 2, 2011 By Robert Dreeben Texas Heat: Legends of Kung Fu 2011 By Gene Ching Wushu Summer Nights II: A Report on the 2011 Sanshou National Team Trials By Anthony Roberts Enter the Bruce Lee U.S. Postage Stamp By Gene Ching The Capitol Classics Keep DC Sizzling This Summer By Martha Burr Is Jet Li Going Soft? By Violet Li

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