Kung Fu Tai Chi 2011 Jan/Feb

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Cover Story The Wushu Champion from Shaolin By Gene Ching Features The Birth of the International Health Qigong Association By Gigi Oh and Zhao Xiaohu How to Fall Spectacularly By Lei Li Chinese Daggers By Zhao Qingjian (with Ye Xinglie, Shi Xingwei and Lynne Hsiao) Featured Weapon Presentation Dadao Bouncers: Testimonies, Techniques and Tips from the Brawlers Who Take Out Brawlers By Michael Lizarraga Using Tai Chi Chuan Against a Throw By Hal Mosher Dongyue Taiji: New Fusion for the New Millennium By William Oh FeMixed Internal Martial Arts: Xin Yi Dao By John Page Korean Kung Fu By G. H. Thomason Cotton or Silk with Your Kung Fu? The History of the Kung Fu Uniform By Williy Pang Hips Don't Lie By Lem Festeris Tournment - Events - News The 28th Capitol Classics & China Open By Jennifer Oh The 8th Pan Am Wushu Competitions By C.P. Ong SportAccord World Combat Games Held in Beijing By William Oh ICMAC 2010 National Finals By Nick Scrima The AKA American Open By Jonathan Oh and Zhao Xiaohu

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