Kung Fu Tai Chi 2010 March/April

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Cover Story A Commitment to Preserve the Art By Gene Ching Features Refreshing the Spine By Bosco Seung-Chul Baek 24 Pressure Point Attacks By Gigi Oh and Zhao Xiaohu Fundamental Martial Arts Conditioning: Speed By Jonathan D. Chang History and Design of Butterfly Swords By Jeffrey D. Modell Shaolin Now Jackie Chan at Shaolin Temple By Gene Ching Eight Forearm Strikes of Kung Fu By Jerry Trageser The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Traditional Substances in Chinese Trauma Liniments By Marc D. Velez Dai Shi Xinyiquan The Forefather Xingyiquan By Dan Regan Qing Cheng Pai Renaissance By Andrew Miles Featured Weapon Seven Star Sword Tournaments - Events - News The 10th World Wushu Games By Sue Woo with Anthony Roberts Karate Versus Kung Fu By Sharif Bey The ICMAC Worldwide Circuit Wraps Up the First Year of Competition By Nick Scrima Ninja Star

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