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Kungfu Magazine 2009 November/December Cover Story Street Fighting Man By Gene Ching Features Debating the Difficulties of Wushu The 900° Sweep By Annie Beauneu, August West and Gene Ching Jeet Kune Do The Art of Deception By David Cheng Basic Taijiquan Practice By Patrick Manriquez Yang Family Comes Out in Style By Dale Napier Featured Weapon Imperial Decree Precious Sword The Jade Egg By Selena Lu The 8 Section Brocade By Annie Rose The Butterfly Swords of Pak Mei Kung Fu By Williy Pang TOURNAMENTS - EVENTS - NEWS Redwood City Rumble By Chris Lewin Legends of Kung Fu Chin Woo Reboots Taiji Legacy By Gene Ching 2009 Internal Chinese Martial Arts and Qigong Retreat hosted by Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang and Helen Liang By Jennifer Oh and Gigi Oh The 1st Annual All-Star Specially Challenged Martial Arts Championships By David Lieder Kick Butt Coffee By Lem Festeris Symposium Makes U.S. Tai Chi History By Dale Napier 2nd Annual Las Vegas Chinese Martial Arts Championship By Kim Sancric Shaq at Shaolin Temple By Chen Xinghua Discuss this article online November/December 2009 issue

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