Kung Fu Tai Chi 2009 Jan/Feb

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Cover Story Iron Palm and Wolf's Hair Brush By Gene Ching with Gigi Oh Cover photo and photos by Justin Guariglia Features Venerable Shi Yongxin Abbot of Shaolin Temple By Gene Ching What's New in Dengfeng 2008 By Scott Jeffery The Temple and the Auto Shop By Gene Ching (with Joan Chien and Chi Chien) Beijing in their own words American Athletes Reflect on the Wushu Tournament Beijing By Elly Duchamp Featured Weapon Qianlong Sword The Complete Shaolin Broom Form By Gene Ching Sweet & Sour By Matthew Polly Traditional Shaolin Stance Training By Walter Gjergja Shaolin Shi Ba Shi Jibengong By Scott Jeffery Dr. Yang and his Disciples By Gene Ching The Shaolin Dog Master By Chen Pengcheng TOURNAMENTS - EVENTS - NEWS Tiger Claw Elite Championships U.S. Capitol Classics/Chinese Open - Kick USA - America's Cup By Elly Duchamp with Marcus Callis, Gigi Oh and Adam Ramsey Wing Lam Completes the Cycle of Sixty with New Disciples By Gene Ching The Real Shaolin Debuts at the Toronto International Film Festival By Lem Festeris The 11th World Congress Qigong & Traditional Chinese Medicine By Gigi Oh and Rose Saint-Stephan Chinese Health Qigong Association Holds Symposium at Ohlone College By Gene Ching But Still.....It’s Martial Arts Cinema Kung Fu Calendar Kung Fu Horoscope Kung Fu News Kung Fu Tai Chi Distributors Kung Fu Wisdom: Dragon (Long) By Shi Deci

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