Kung Fu Tai Chi 2008 Sep/Oct

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Note: This $1 bin items is limited to a quantity of 10 pieces per customer per order. Cover Story Old School Street Fighter Master Hoy Lee, The Father of American Jow Gar By Gene Ching Features Twin Tiger Hook Swords By Donnie Allen Featured Weapon Twin Tiger Hooks Heaven & Earth Blade By Gene Ching Beyond the Third Hall What Research Reveals About Original Shaolin Training By Benny Meng Rocking the Gods Martial Music and Temple Parades By Brian L. Kennedy and Elizabeth Guo The Legacy of Chen Pan-Ling By Brian Bruning Zhang Style Baguazhang A Treasure Chest of Grappling Maneuvers By Chris Friedman The Combative Footwork of Pak Mei Kung Fu By Willy Pang Kung Fu Magic By Antonio Graceffo Tournaments - Events - News Tiger Claw Elite Championships Western Wyoming Championships San Diego Grand International By Elly Duchamp with Gene Ching, Gigi Oh, Jonathan Oh & Manny Melendez Tai Chi Resort and Spa The 33rd Annual Zhang San Feng Festival By Gene Ching 10th Annual World Tai Chi and Qigong Day By Lauren Laks Mind Over Matter Chess & Grappling Exhibition by the Hip Hop Chess Federation By Gene Ching Shaolin Temple and the Sichuan Quake By Chen Xinghua Wushu Exhanges Student Program By Chen Xinghua Chen Village Grandmaster, Chen Xiaoxing Celebrates His 4th Anniversary Teaching in the U.S. By Stephan Berwick

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