Kung Fu Tai Chi 2008 May/June

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Cover Story Forbidden Fist The Making of The Forbidden Kingdom By John Fusco Features Josh Waitzkin’s Checkmate Choke Out By Melissa Leon-Guerrero Do Iron Palm for MMA By Dale Dugas Martial Champions and Creatures of Daoist Virtue By Brian Kennedy and Elizabeth Guo Featured Weapon Twin 7-Star Jian with Ox-Horn Handles The 8 Diagram Palm of Cheng Tinghua By Yin Tie with Chen Xinghua Lai Tai The Kung Fu of the Shan People By Antonio Graceffo The Flying Dart The Better Choice By Amante P. Marinas Sr. Partner Stretching for Deeper Splits By Annie Beauneu Is Wushu Dying? By Jin Qin 10 Steps to the Perfect Mantis Grab By Andy Miles Tournaments - Events - News Disneyland© Martial Arts Festival By Greg Lynch Jr. US Shuai-chiao Team Gives Strong Performance in China By Nick Masi Master of Tai-chi Degree Program at University of East-West Medicine By Kenneth MacKay, Ph. D Jackie Chan’s Disciples Bear the Torch By John Brown

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