Kung Fu Tai Chi 2007 March/April

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Cover Story The Father of Modern Wushu - Wu Bin By Melody Chung (Cover photo by Lily Liu) Features The Roar of the Silent Lion By Jacob Fitisemanu with Master Cheng Tsang Lu Traditional Yet Progressive Choy Lay Fut’s Hon Jerng Lin Wan Kuen By Chris Childs Ziranmen Kung Fu By Liu Deming The Mysterious Wing Chun Form Biu Gee By Ron Heimberger The Dirty Dozen A Dozen Exercises to Avoid in Martial Arts Class By Rene Changsut Lou Reed on Tai Chi By Gene Ching Yang Taiji as a Fighting Art By Dale Napier The Missing Link Archery in China By Tim Louie Featured Weapon Royal Ceremonial Sword Urban Tactical Weapons Expect the Unexpected By Morne Swanepoel Tournaments - Events - News Tiger Claw Elite Grand Championship Disney's® Martail Arts Festival By Jennifer Oh and Marc Arsenault The 2nd World Traditional Wushu C hampionships (October 14-19, 2006) By Martha Burr World Leader to Use Football as a Cultural Activity By Mark Stevens Iron Crotch Plane Tow Contemporary Wushu in the U.S. R eceives Four New International Judges By Anthony Roberts Ming Lum B-Day Ivy League Kung Fu for an Ivy League C ollege By Robert Dreeben Wind & Water Culture - Feng Shui - Lifestyle Kung Fu Horoscope The Year of the Fire Pig By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching) Kung Fu Wisdom Wei Lian Quan, Xian Lian Gong Calligraphy by Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng Click here for Feature Articles from this issue and others published in 2007.

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