Kung Fu Tai Chi 2007 July/Aug

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Note: This $1 bin items is limited to a quantity of 10 pieces per customer per order. Cover Story From Hard to Soft Master Jack Fu Trades Sanshou for Push Hands By Gene Ching Features Wushu’s Reverse Standing Split By Annie Beauneu Searching for the Sources of Emei Kung Fu By Wu Xinliang The Dragon Swordmaker By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching Shaw Brothers Legend Chen Kuan-Tai - The Real Iron Monkey By Dr. Craig Reid Exotic Entangling Techniques of Monkey Rope By Scotty Hagan Featured Weapon Trident Shuai Chiao’s Neck Surrounding One Chapter from the Encyclopedia of the World's Oldest Martial Art By Robert Dreeben Wing Chun's Secret Footwork By Rene Changsut Taiji Power Training The Yang Family's Weapon Arts By Greg Wolfson Healthy Hands A Practical Guide to Hand Maintenance By David Wei Tournaments - Events - News Fifteen Years of Wushu Bears The 15th UC Berkeley Chinese Martial Arts Tournament By Gene Ching Kung Fu Thrives in the Kingdom of Fairy Tales Xian Gao Ushers Danish Kung Fu Craze By Rose Saint-Stephen and Angela Gao Grandmaster Leung Ting Celebrates his 60th Birthday By Jeff Webb Grandmasters Gather to Proclaim a New Style By Antwoine Alferos Zhang San Feng Festival Hosts Inducted into USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame By Don L. Lee Jackie Chan’s The Disciple By Gene Ching Wind & Water Culture - Feng Shui - Lifestyle Kung Fu Horoscope By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching) Kung Fu Wisdom Song Shou Calligraphy by Grandmaster Yu Hai Note: $1 bin items are limited to a quantity of 10 pieces per customer per order.

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