Kung Fu Tai Chi 2006 Nov / Dec

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Cover Story Where Wushu Went Wrong Wushu's Leading Champion, Zhao Changjun, Extols Traditional By Gene Ching and Gigi Oh Features Increase Your Grip Power with Homemade Stone Locks Grandmaster Tu's Chamber of 99 Power By Gene Ching Beefing Up Your Backfist By Paul Zachik Detaining the Detainee Wrist-Lock, Handcuffing Techniques and Take-Downs in Law Enforcement By Ruben Villareal Wushu's New Difficulties American Wushu Pioneer Master Bryant Fong Speaks Out By Gene Ching Featured Weapon Bronze Dagger Blending Wing Chun & Combat Grappling By Dave Durch Fighting Fans Fast versus Slow By Zhi Zhuo (Sunny) Li The Ground Never Misses The Subtle Science of Throwing Methods in Xing Yi Quan By Jake Burroughs What it takes to be a Taiji Master in Chen Village Chen Ziqiang Answers When Asked By Mark Wasson Tournaments - Events - News The Zhang San Feng Festival Opens the Book of Changes By Gene Ching Fearless Chin Woo The 9th Taiji Legacy International Martial Arts Championship By Gene Ching Tiger Claw Elite Qualifiers 2006 Internationa Karate Championships of Long Beachch By Marc Arsenault New Generation Leaves Its Mark The 6th Pan American Wushu Championships in Toronto, Canada By Justin Ma IntMAT: The Sequel By Rose Saint-Stephen More Research Shows Taiji and Qigong Benefits in Older Adults By Scott Grubisich The Road to Beijing MAC Experience profiles Berlin Dior Herrera By Kelly Cinelli Wind & Water Culture - Feng Shui - Lifestyle Kung Fu Horoscope By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching) Kung Fu Wisdom Flower Fist, Embroidered Leg Click here for Feature Articles from this issue and others published in 2006.

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