Kung Fu Tai Chi 2006 May/June Issue

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Cover Story The Method of Hung Ga’s Ging By Master Frank Yee Features Featured Weapon Eight Slash Sword Bridge Hand By Gene Ching Red Family, Red Underpants - Hung Ga Master Chiu Chi Ling and Kung Fu Hustle 2 By Melissa Leon-Guerrero Do A Piece of Wong Fei Hong Hits Hollywood - Louis Mandylor and Huang Jia Quan By Craig Reid Wong Fei Hung - Great Master of Hung Gar By Dr. Johnny Jang In Search of the Real Wong Fei Hung - The Wong Fei Hung Museum in Foshan, Guangdong, China By Tim Louie The 12 Hands of Hung Kuen - Master Buck Sam Kong’s Practical Applications for Combat By Martha Burr with Master Buck Sam Kong Building the Five Hearts Horse Stance - Grandmaster Tu’s Chamber of 99 Power By Gene Ching The Traditional Art of 5 Elements Long Pole By Gene Ching The Devastating Kicks of Wing Chun By Dave Pangan Tournaments - Events - News Grandmaster Wang Jurong November 4, 1928 - December 25, 2005 By Grace Wu-Monnat North Americans Attain High Rank in Wing Tsun™ By Jack Shannon Straw The 8th World Wushu Championships in Hanoi, Vietnam By Tiffany Reyes The Eight World Congress on Qigong and the 8th American Qigong Association Conference By Rose Saint-Stephan Wind & Water Culture - Feng Shui - Lifestyle Kung Fu Horoscope By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching) The Wong Fei Hung Theme By Kevin Ho, Gene Ching, and Gigi Oh

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