Kung Fu Tai Chi 2005 September/October Issue

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Cover Story Grandmaster Chen Xiaoxing: The Simple Wisdom of a Village Grandmaster By Stephen Berwick Features Dragon Fan of Choy Lay Fut By Joe Keit The Natural Interview with Ziranmen Master Lin Qingsong By Chen PengCheng The Next Generation Taiji Master Chen Bing By Mark Wasson Bigger is Better Master Sun Wen Yuan’s Two-handed Sword By Melissa Leon Guerrero-Do One System to Counter All Styles By Benny Meng and Darryl Holt Sun Lutang’s Martial Enlightenment and Structural Mechanics By Ping Zhen Cheng and Dr. Jiusong Kan Featured Weapon Double Phoenix Sword By Jonathan Oh (with Gene Ching) The Fighting Hands of Ngo Cho By Jose G. Paman Real Hung Gar & the Two Kinds of Kung Fu Movies By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching Silat Mubai Following the Muslim Warrior Traditions By Ustaz Hussein Udom The 8 Zones of Kung Fu Ancient Kung Fu Adapted to Modern Times By Belida Han Uckun and Willie Bell Tournaments - Events 104 World Tai Chi Day 2005 in Puerto Rico By Jose Manuel Figueroa A Night of Wushu Benefits Tsunami Relief By Rose Saint-Stephen Young Martial Artists Compete to Help Save Children’s Lives The Battle of Maine raises over $10,000 to support Children’s Miracle Network By Mark Huard Wind & Water Kung Fu Horoscope By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching) Kung Fu Wisdom

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