Kung Fu Tai Chi 2005 Jan/Feb Issue

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Cover Story: A Sword Fit for a King An Interview with Antique Sword Expert Wang Sheng Ji By Gigi Oh (with Jonathan Oh and Gene Ching) The Sword & the Chalice Master Zhang Anji Reveals the Secrets of Drunken Sword By Gene Ching (with Gigi Oh) Features: The Gentleman of Weapons - Legends of the Chinese Double-edged Sword By Jonathan Oh (with Gene Ching) China’s Most Precious Swords - The Legend of Dragon Well Forge By Jonathan Oh (with Gene Ching) Chinese Pride - The Hanwei Forge of Paul Chen By Mike Song A Straight Talk about Straight Sword By Adam Hsu Standing Guard for 2300 Years - The Terra-Cotta Army of Emperor Qin By Brian Jacobs Emei Sword Drawing Skill - The Forgotten Art of Drawing the Jian By John P. Painter Ph. D. ND The Feng Shui of Sword Display - A Place to Hang Your Sword By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching) Forging Swords the Old Fashioned way - Recreating Bronze Swords with Traditional Methods By Gene Ching The Sword of Wei Tuo - The Weapon Forges of Shaolin Temple By Gene Ching Can Chinese Swords Make the Cut? - Sun Moon Competition Swords and the Olympic Bid By Gene Ching An Introduction to Chinese Single-Edged Hilt Weapons (Dao) and Their Use in the Ming and Qing Dynasties By Phillip M. W. Tom with Scott M. Rodell 9 Simple Rules of Sword Maintenance The Basic Care and Feeding of Your Sword By Gene Ching The Treasures of Shaolin’s Six and One Half Principles By Benny Meng Tournaments & Events United Shaolin of Americ a The First International Shaolin Martial Arts Competition By Gene Ching The Lone Star, The 7th Annual 2004 Taiji Legacy International Martial Arts Championship By Gene Ching 2004 First Annual International Open Traditional Kung Fu Wushu Championship By Gigi Oh (with Gene Ching) 168th Birthday Celebration of Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu founder Chan Heong By Sifu Ng Fu Hang Grandmaster Chan Tai-San, National Treasure, Passes on at 85 By Benny Meng Grandmaster Chan Tai-San, National Treasure, Passes on at 85 By David Ross The 2nd Annual NCCAF Tournament By Melissa Do Gee Tuck Som Tuck Reunion Celebration By Melissa Do 1st International Collegiate Shuai-chiao Event a Milestone in Shuai-chiao History By Dr. Daniel Weng Kung Fu Horoscope By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching) Kung Fu Wisdom: A Willow Leaf Double Saber By Dr. Dominic Cheung (Zhang Cuo)

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