Kung Fu Tai Chi 2003 Jan/Feb Issue

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Note: This $1 bin items is limited to a quantity of 10 pieces per customer per order. For other issues of Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine click here Cover Story Wing Tsun Worldwide - Grandmaster Leung Ting Opens the Door By Gene Ching Features The 10 Year Anniversary of Kungfu Qigong - A Gala Benefit for the U.S.A Olympic Wushu Team Sponsored By the Tiger Claw Foundation The Southern Shaolin Temple, Fact or Fiction? By Wesley Cameron & Simon Scholten Seeking The Bridge Wing Chun in Real Combat By Tony Massengill Preserving the Trapping Hands of Jeet Kune Do By David Cheng An American Hung Gar Odyssey in China By Michael A. Mintz Lee Koon Hung The Legacy Lives On - The Story of a 20th Century Master's Choy Lay Fut Journey By Joe Keit Rock Solid! Kungfu's Chinese Stone Lock Pumps You Up By Jacob Fitisemanu with Master Cheng Tsang Lu Nan Dao - The Southern Sword of Modern Wushu By Gene Ching Wudang Shen Dian Qi Gong - Wudang Mountain's Simple but Powerful Qi Gong for Daily Practice By Master Tseng Yun Xiang Wushu West Performs at the San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts - Sifu Patty Li Brings Beijing style to a Universal Stage By Lynda Cence Blazin' Wushu! China's Ballistic Champion, He Jingde By Gene Ching with Woody Wong Born to Fight II - Solidified Cung Le as a Trainer of Champion Taiwan National Athletes visit the 18th annual CAAT

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