Kung Fu Tai Chi 2002 March/April Issue

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Features: Cover Story-Hung Gar's Lam Chun Fai-Bringing the Hung Family History, Legend & the War Palm to the 21st Century. The Legend of Hong Xi Guan (Hung Hei Gun). Wing Chun's Fighting Legacy - Tommy Yuen. Fight The Person, Not The Style. Wing Chun: the Guiding Light. In a Rare Interview, Grandmaster Siu Yuk Man Talks About Yip Man, Bruce Lee and the Source of True Power. Ring of Iron. The Original 7 - Star Praying Mantis (Comes to Chicago). The Legacy of Eight Step Praying Mantis-James Sun Talks About the Complete System. Aiping Cheng - A Master in Contemporary Times. AAU/CMA Electrifies American Kungfu. Ling Kong Jing - Powerful Empty Force Qigong, A Practitioner's Perspective. The Big and the Small Self-Defense Techniques of Shaolin Red Fist (Part II). Wushu Heads for the Olympics - We've Got the Scoop! Straight from Armenia - New IWUF Tournaments, Qualifying Info, and 8 Olympic Medal Events! 2001 17th CAAT Wushu Event Attended by International Champions. Grandmaster Lily Lau's 3rd International Eagle Cup and Master's Exhibition a Great Success! 2001 USAWKF National Championships. U.S. Wushu Team Wins 2 Silver, I Bronze in Armenia's 6th World Wushu Championships. The Year of the Horse Kungfu Horoscope.

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