Kung Fu Tai Chi 2002 July/August Issue

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For other issues of Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine click here Cover Story: Wu Song Breaks Manacles Song Tuo Kao) Rare Kungfu Form Inspired by Outlaws of the Marsh Has a Comeback By Chan Kai Leung and TC Media Features: Black Whirlwind Axes The Legend of Li Kwei By Gene Ching All Men Are Brothers The Martial Arts Masterpiece Outlaws of the Marsh By Gene Ching The Peaceful Mountain Reflections of Shangdong's Sacred Mount Tai By Gene Ching Putting the Kungfu in Confucius Without a Doubt, Shangdong's #1 Son By Martha Burr Qufu - Shandong's Home of the Confucius Mansions By Martha Burr Shangdong's Praying Mantis Exploring the Northern Branch of Tang Lang Quan in Yan Tai By Wang Kai-Wen Master Gin Foon Mark and the Evolution of Jook Lum Praying Mantis By Martin Eisen The Ten Elements of Choy Lay Fut By Sam Ng and Phillip Ng Judge Dee T'ang Dynasty Detective in Martial Arts Novels for 600 Years By Michael R. Little Lion Bagua The Energy of the Lion is Revealed by Sha Guozheng and the Zhai Family's 4 Generations of a Bagua Lineage By Fukui Yang and Bob Feldman Chen Taiji's 20th Generation: Chen Jia Gou's Generation X & Y Masters Exposed By Stephan Berwick The Rare Art of Qingping Jian (Green Water Lily Sword) Nearly Lost, a Precious Art is Rescued from Obscurity By Hon K. Lee No Touch Knockouts Pressure Points and Qi Projection By Gene Ching Tournaments Olympic Wushu and the 1st Sanshou World Cup By Gigi Oh and Gene Ching Kungfu Horoscope By Wilson Sun (with Gigi Oh and Gene Ching)

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