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Learn Free Fighting Combinations That Are Impossible To Block! Unique Stretching Routines! Speed & Balance Drills! Self Defense Applications! And Much More! Learn Free Fighting from the best, Grand Master & Full Contact Champion Gary Wasniewski shows you how to improve your Free Fighting skills. According to Grand Master Wasniewski, No matter what your style, the key to knockout power is speed, flexibility and balance when kicking. Learn Free Fighting combinations that are impossible to block! Unique Stretching, Speed Drills & Knockout Kicking. In Self Defense your weapon is your art! He shows you how to use these techniques in the ring or for Self Defense. This DVD will improve your Free Fighting & Kicking skills no matter who you are or what your style. Rated Five Stars One of the best DVDs we’ve seen on Free Fighting & Kicking! Fighting Spirit Magazine. 60 min.

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