Kung Fu Tai Chi Winter 2020

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Cover Story

54 The Show Must Go On
By Gene Ching


24 Yum Cha
Where the Real Kung Fu Lessons Take Place
By Williy Pang

32 The Boundless Butterfly Palms of Five Family Fist
By Peter Pena

38 Fist Like an Arrow
By Brian Kuttel

46 Developing Pinpoint Accurate Strikes
The Copper Man Acupressure Dummy of Choy Lee Fut
By Emilio Alpanseque

68 The Mountain Trident of Five Ancestors
By Daniel Kun

76 Vintage Drunken Style Boxing and Modern Wushu
By Lucas Christopoulos

82 Immersing in Tai Chi Push Hands
By Jeff Lin with Zhao Xiaohu

88 From Bruce to the Beast and Beyond
The Other Little Dragon
By Gene Ching

102 Featured Weapon
Sword of Law

Tournaments – Events – News

14 The 2nd Zhang San Feng Cultural Festival
By Gene Ching

16 11th ITKFA Chinese Martial Arts Championship
By Gene Ching

18 The 2019 Northern California Chinese Culture-Athletic Federation Martial Arts Championship
By Gene Ching with Gigi Oh

20 1st International Lou Reed Tai Chi Day
Submitted by Stephan Berwick with contributions by Haobo Zhao (New York)
and Maciej Magura Góralski (Poland)

22 Grandmaster Zeng Nailiang 1941–2019
By Sue Woo

22 Brian L. Kennedy 1958–2019
By Gene Ching

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