Kung Fu Tai Chi Summer 2019

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Cover Story

When Tai Chi Is in Your Blood

By Gene Ching


Eight Methods, Five Steps: Bafa Wubu China’s New Taiji Standard
By Gene Ching

Are Your Knees Dead?
Tai Chi and Knee Health
By Xinghong Wang

Rooting in Taiji
Translated and adapted by Andrew Wong

Competitive Xingyi
Keeping Traditional Wushu Essence Alive!
By Emilio Alpanseque

Internal, External, & Hybrids
Classifying Kung Fu 2.0
By Williy Pang

Praying Mantis Magic
Top Pro Tips for Improving Your Mantis Game
By Emilio Alpanseque

Hung Ga’s Fan
The Fine Art of Firmness and Flexibility
By Peter Pena

Cool It!
The Importance of Cooling Down
By Gene Ching

Featured Weapon

Snake Jian

Tournaments – Events – News

Claw Marks
By Jonny Oh

29th Annual Convention of The International South Shaolin Wu Chu Chuan Federation in Conjunction with the 80th Anniversary of Philippine Kong Han Martial Arts Club
By Daniel Kun

Belt and Road China Tai Chi Culture World Tour
By Gene Ching

By Gene Ching

New National Program Sends Vets to Tai Chi for Alternative Care
By Rosalyn Da Wei

Grandmaster Wong Jack Man 1941–2018
By Robert Louie

Grandmaster Ralph Castro 1931–2019
By Lynne Hsiao

Kung Fu Tai Chi Studio Closure

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