Jujitsu: Throwing arts

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Nage No Kata is the throwing arts, which is very similar to the throwing arts of Kodokan Judo except the names are different. They may have a slight variation to the techniques but not noticeable to the beginner student. Also included in this video is some advanced techniques that you may see at a high level Judo tournament, Sport Jujitsu, Wrestling Sambo or even at Mixed Martial Arts competitions. Professor Henry S. Okazaki had visions of seeing is art elevated to a higher level, you will see this in the demonstrations. These are some of the ways that Judo and Jujitsu has progressed since the beginning of the Danzan Ryu (aka Kodenkan) System of Jujitsu and to quote Professor Okazaki "Since the fundamental principal acquired through the practice of Jujitsu has been elevated to a finer moral concept called Judo. The Way of Gentleness it may well be said that the primary objective of practicing Judo is perfection of character". Participants: Shona Keating, Chris Cheung, Artem Mishin, Greta Mudriyan, Randy Kasper, Miguel Bradley, Karen Salgado, Professor Willy Cahill and special guests Imi Okazaki-Mullins and Myrtle Okazaki-Oberman.

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