Jujitsu: Hand Escape & Locking Arts

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This is the first set of arts that is taught to beginning students in Professor Henry S. Okazaki's Danzan Ryu (aka Kodenkan) Jujitsu Class in Honolulu. Yawara is composed of 20 arts but could easily multiply into 100 arts and is the most effective, quick and could be very painful. These arts could end with a kick, throw, choke, joint lock or even a grappling technique just by grabbing your hand, wrist, or even your clothing. Yawara could be very slow in the beginning of the application or in a fluid but relax motion and still be very effective and could cause a lot of pain. These arts were some of the favorites of Professor John K. Cahill Sr. and along with the same thinking, as Professor Okazaki who wanted these arts elevated to a higher level. Included in this DVD are some advanced techniques of Yawara. Participants: Jason Katz, James Stack, Chris Cheung, Miguel Bradley, Randy Kasper, Professor Willy Cahill and special guests Imi Okazaki-Mullins and Myrtle Okazaki-Oberman.

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