Jujitsu: Grappling & Choking Arts

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Shime No Kata techniques are submission and grappling combinations usually done after a throw. These arts could cause great pain or serious injury to your opponent, caution must be exercised when applying these techniques. It is also a great conditioning exercise while training with your partner with continued speed, power and endurance. Mutual trust, respect and understanding of these arts are very important because with the chokes and armbars these techniques must be done with great care and allowing your opponent to use matte (stop) when it is necessary. Professor Henry S. Okazaki had visions of seeing his arts practice all over the United States and never dreamed that one day it would be practiced all over the world. Also in this DVD are techniques that are used in Judo, Wrestling Sambo, Sport Jujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts. Participants: Chris Hardy, Robert Barre, Artem Mishin, Greta Mudriyan, Chris Peterson, Robert Gale, Scott Merrill, Mike Blackburn, Karen Salgado, Gordon Dorham and special guests Imi Okazaki-Mullins and Myrtle Okazaki-Oberman.

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