Jujitsu: Combination arts

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Now we are into the advance techniques of the Danzan Ryu (aka Kodenkan) Jujitsu System as taught by Professor Henry S. Okazaki. It is a combination of Yawara, Shime No Kata and Nage No Kata all rolled into one package. You will learn how to blend the arts together, such as a throw into the armbar, or chokes or grappling techniques. These are some of the arts that were favorites of Professor Sig Kufferath he was a master of Oku No Kata and beyond. Professor Okazaki also had visions of seeing his arts elevated to a higher level, included in this video are advanced techniques that go beyond the teachings of Oku No Kata. Participants: Professor Joe Souza, Tony DeBattista, Eric Renner, Chris Cheung, and special guests Imi Okazaki- Mullins, and Myrtle Okazaki- Oberman.

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