Emei Tai Chi Push Hands: Volumes 1/2/3

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Emei Tai Chi Push Hands: Volumes One to Three Tai Chi Push Hands is an essential course for any Tai Chi practice. Grandmaster Li Yaxuan often said “After you have mastered techniques, then you can gradually grasp what understanding jing means”. Jing means ‘essence’. By “understanding jing” you gradually approach an intuitive understanding of your opponent’s intention. However, you cannot grasp this without a great deal of lengthy study. Practicing Tai Chi Push Hands is a very good way to learn this Tai Chi internal power. This series of Tai Chi Push Hands instructional DVDs are compiled by the famous master, Jack Fu Xueli. Hailing from China’s Emei Mountain, Master Fu is a master of Tai Chi, Qigong and wushu. Master Fu’s method is based on the teachings of his master, Grandmaster Lin Mogen, his martial brother, Lin Wentao, Grandmaster Wu Xinliang and many other leading Tai Chi Push Hands exponents. It’s also drawn from Master Fu’s personal experience from many other masters, as well as his extensive national and international championship competition. This is the first time ever that these winning secrets of Tai Chi Push Hands have been revealed openly to the public. It is the most complete Tai Chi Push Hands course compiled to date. Tai Chi beginners can achieve results quickly by learning these scientific and highly skilled methods. Buy all 3 dvds and SAVE 20%. DVD-FX001 Emei Tai Chi Push Hands: Volume One - Tai Chi Single Push Hands & Applications – Fajing Explosive Power Volume one contains Tai Chi Standing-Post Meditation, Hard and Soft Push Hands, Using Fajing Explosive Power, 3 Essentials to Success and 20 Fajing methods DVD-FX002 Emei Tai Chi Push Hands: Volume Two - Tai Chi Double Push Hands & Applications – Power Neutralization Volume two contains Two Hands Push Hands Method, Traditional Push Hands, 4 Movements of Push Hands, 5 Elements Push Hands, Traditional 8 Methods of Fajing Explosive Power, Neutralizing Fajing Explosive Power and Silk Reeling DVD-FX003 Emei Tai Chi Push Hands Volume Three - Moving Push Hands & Applications – Listening Energy Volume three contains Moving Step Push Hands Method, Understanding Power, Controlling the Opponent, Off-Balancing the Opponent, Uprooting the Opponent, Footwork Changes, 9 Listening Energy Methods and Domination of Opponent with Push Hands Fighting DVD-FX010 Emei Tai Chi Push Hands Volume One to Three.

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