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DVDK-YR001 – Shaolin Monk’s Spade Master Kit - FREE DVD on the weapon purchase. Monk Spade served as a tool for digging, cutting foliage and crops and carrying luggage. For modern martial arts practitioners, it is excellent for training endurance and long weapon coordination. Known in Mandarin as yueyachan (literally ‘moon tooth spade’ 月牙鏟), the Monk Spade is most commonly identified weapon of Buddhist monks. Now you can learn this powerful weapon Spade from an ordained Buddhist monk and a direct disciple of the Abbot of Shaolin, Shi Yanran. He was also the cast leader for one of Shaolin’s most distinguished theatrical shows. Shaolin: Wheel of Life, which toured the world for three years. Wheel is considered as one of the best martial arts live shows to date, so much so it was documented by PBS Great Performances. Shi Yanran founded Shaolin Temple USA, and has established three Shaolin Temple Culture Centers in San Francisco and Fremont, California, and Herndon, Virginia. This Weapon Master Kit comes with your own Wushu Monk’s Spade. Everything you need to get started to master this powerful ancient weapon! The weapon carrying case is extra. It can not be returned or exchanged. This item cannot be shipped outside USA due to size. Thirsty for more weapon/video combos? To purchase just the weapon please click here To purchase just the video please click here

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