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The Essence of Practical Tai-Chi Vol. 1 & 2 By Dr. Chi-hsiu D. Weng. Dr. Weng brings his unique perspective and vast expertise to a brilliant new method for learning the time-honored tradition of Tai-Chi. As a college professor, Dr. Weng has developed an innovative approach to teaching Tai-chi Chuan. As the founding chairman of the United States Shuai-Chiao Association, Dr. Weng tempered his program with years of combat experience. This revolutionary program uses storytelling to introduce you to Chi-kung (Qi-gong), meditation, relaxation, and body awareness to help reduce stress. It also shows you the various practical applications to reinforce the true purpose behind each movement and making learning easier. This integration of theory and practice will give you deeper understanding, greater satisfaction, and more confidence. Now this ingenious program can be yours to practice and teach! Dr. Weng reveals his method to you on two videotapes and a beautiful companion poster (poster sold separately, see item #85-20, full color, 24"x36"; for the two-volume set see item #tc-dw110). The Essence of Practical Tai-Chi Vol. 1: Movements Unit 1-6 (60 min.) For a quick preview of the video clip please Click here ( These video clips are presented at a low resolution for the web. Actual videos are much sharper and clearer. ) The Essence of Practical Tai-Chi Vol. 2: Movements Unit 7-13 (60 min.)

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